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Cross Cup Finals 1930-1970

Posted by Michael Cregan on 19/11/2013 11:10


 Year  Winners  Runner Up  Year  Winner  Runner Up
 1929  Eagley   Radcliffe  1930  Horwich RMI  Whittlebrook PM
 1931  Horwich RMI shared with  YMCA  1932  Horwich RMI  Clifton Ch Rec
 1933  Horwich RMI  Atherton Colls  1934  Horwich RMI  Atherton Colls
 1935  Astley & Tyldesley Colls  East Lancs PM  1936  Astley & Tyldesley Colls  Horwich RMI
 1937  Walkden Moor Meth  Whittlebrook PM  1938  East Lancs PM  Edgworth Recs
 1939  East Lancs PM  Edgworth Recs  1940  NOT HELD - War  
 1941  NOT HELD - War    1942  NOT HELD - War  
 1943  NOT HELD - War    1944  NOT HELD - War  
 1945  NOT HELD - War    1946  Edgworth Recs  Little Hulton
 1947  Little Hulton  Atherton Colls  1948  Taylor Bros  Tootals SC
 1949  Adlington  Walkden Moor Meth  1950  Poolstock  Farnworth SC
 1951  Tootals SC  Edgworth Recs  1952  Atherton Colls  Taylor Bros
 1953  Walker Institute  Little Hulton  1954  Barton Hall  Astley & Tyldesley Colls
 1955  Walker Institute  Tootals SC  1956  Walker Institute  Farnworth SC
 1957  Edgworth Recs  Barton Hall  1958  Edgworth Recs  Astley & Tyldesley Colls
 1959  Astley & Tyldesley Colls  Barton Hall  1960  Little Hulton   Edgworth Recs
 1961  Little Hulton  Atherton Colls  1962  Little Hulton   Farnworth SC
 1963  Barton Hall  Roe Green    1964  Edgworth Recs  Adlington
 1965  Atherton  Adlington  1966  Adlington  Walker Institute
 1967  Farnworth SC  Barton Hall  1968  Daisy Hill  Walker Institute
 1969  Edgworth Rec  Adlington  1970  Farnworth SC  Edgworth Rec