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Important Notes For Junior Managers

Posted by Michael Cregan on 29/11/2013 12:08

1.It is vital that all team Managers obtain a copy of the 2014 B.& D.C.A. Handbook as soon as possible – as all the Junior Section Rules / Playing conditions are detailed therein for your assistance. You are strongly advised to read through the Junior Section rules – a plea of ignorance will not be accepted in case of any protest.

2. All players must be formally registered for each section they play in  (they only need be registered for the youngest age group for which they are eligible which automatically registers them for all older age groups) – forms have been provided to your club for this purpose, within TWO WEEKS of the date of the first match of the season. Any new players after this date, must be registered within 5 DAYS of their first match. It is an offence to play an unregistered, or ineligible player(s) (See Rules 1 & 2). Each team must provide a list of their team members to the scorers PRIOR to the start of the match.

3. Please ensure that your team is ready to commence the match no later than the designated time or earlier if so mutually agreed with the opposing Team Manager. Evening matches played in April and August must commence on or before 6.10 p.m. All other matches must commence on or before 6.30 p.m. for evening matches and 10.00 a.m. for all other matches
See Rule 3).

4. All matches must be played on the assigned match date. The only exception being Cup matches which MUST be played, unless bad weather conditions prevent this. Reserve dates have been set for all Cup Matches, the match must be played within 14 days of the original match date. In the event of both Section Cup matches are drawn to be played at Home, the Junior Team fixture is reversed. You must not attempt to rearrange any other match unless express permission is granted by the Junior Section Executive Committee (See Rule 4).

5. Playing conditions are to be as per the Laws of Cricket except as detailed in the handbook. Please note there is a separate section detailing Under 11’s and Under 9’s competition rules anything not covered under this separate section, the main Junior Section Rules apply (See Rules 5 & 6).

6. Immediately following the conclusion of the match, the result and a brief match report must be phoned, faxed or e-mailed to the respective Result Secretary by the Home Team Manager (or deputy). A completed scoresheet must be forwarded by the Home Team Manager (or deputy), within 5 days of the match, to the Result Secretary and must include the names of ALL players irrespective of them not batting or bowling – the wicketkeeper to be denoted thus *. Suitable scoresheets have been provided to your club for this purpose (See Rule 7).

7. Even though a match has not been played due to bad weather conditions or other exceptional circumstances, the appropriate Results Secretary must be informed by the Home Team Manager (or deputy) by telephone, fax or e-mail the reason the match has not been played.

8. The away team must travel to the opponents ground unless they have been previously informed by the Home Team Manager of the match cancellation.. Ideally this notification should be not later than 5.00 p.m. Similarly if the Away Team cannot fulfil a fixture their team manager must inform the opposition as soon as possible. In the event of the normal contact being unavailable for any match, the opposition must be informed of an alternative contact telephone number prior to the match date. Contact by text messaging is not acceptable.

9. Each team must provide one umpire for each match (except Finals & Play Offs), and that umpire should NOT be changed during the course of the match and one competent scorer (see Rule 11).

10. It is the responsibility of the Team Manager to ensure that ALL players are aware of the potential dangers that may arise during the course of playing or practising cricket activities. ALL junior players under your control must be instructed to use suitable playing equipment on all appropriate occasions.